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Are Coal Plants Clean Enough?

East Texas Environmental Concerns Organization sponsored an informational meeting, Are Coal Plants Clean, on October 25th. We learned at the meeting that they are not clean enough—they emit dangerous amounts of pollution that threaten the air and environment of all East Texas residents.

As we stated in the publicity inviting folk to the meeting, our purpose was to raise the consciousness of our community. We want to stress to everyone that this is not a partisan issue. All of us have to breathe, and we believe that the good people of Henderson County and all of East Texas want what is best for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. We recognize the need for electricity and as we learned at the meeting, there is technology available which can use coal for electricity without endangering our health. If we can just take a collective deep breath and look at all the options we will be doing ourselves and future generations a huge favor.

In that light, our goal is to influence the permitting process to reduce the allowable level of pollution from new power plants. ECO has planned a follow up meeting for November 13th to be held at the Women’s Building at the East Texas Arboretum, 1601 Patterson Road, Athens, at 6:30 p.m. We will provide more information and will focus on steps each of us can take to affect the power plant permit process. Your help will make a difference for East Texas! Please plan to attend. We need and value your input.

Three facts to remember:

17 of 124 coal-fired plants planned in the U.S. propose to use gasification (none in Texas)

In Texas, power plants emit more pollution than chemical and refining plants combined.

Texas power plants contribute a full 10 percent of the total mercury admissions in the U.S. (Mercury is a toxic heavy metal which can cause neurological damage, particularly in developing fetuses, infants, and children.)


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